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Team Win Recovery Project – Kingdom

What is TWRP2?

TWRP2 is an open-source custom recovery, similar to CWM but with many more features. You can read more about it Here

Is it better then CWM?

You will need to decide for yourself, but it has many more features such as selective backup, selective recovery, a ton more options, themes, settings and a lot more.

What works in this version?

Everything should be working. I’ve spent a lot of time getting everything working on this phone and tested it extensively with multiple roms, please report any bugs you may find.

Do all roms work?

They need to be compatible with TWRP2, all this basically means is they need to have the jellybean update binary and a different line to install the kernel. Below I converted most of popular roms for this phone to be installable with TWRP2. Existing already installed roms, compatible or not can be restored and backed up as normal in twrp.

If you want any other rom for the phone to be compatible, or your own rom just send me a PM with the roms download link and I will upload it asap, or I will show you how. At the moment aroma roms (forgotten kingdom) will not install but you can backup and restore them etc. The creator of aroma says a fix is coming soon. Jellybean roms such as codefire by team osiris should already be compatible by default.

I will be adding a "how to make a rom compatible with TWRP2" in a little bit

How do I install this?

Just flash the zip in CWM! – You can also flash back to CWM from within TWRP from the download link below.

Converted roms – Jellybean based roms should already be installable – All previously installed roms can be backed up and restored. Let me know if you want a rom added – You only need these downloads to install the roms, not to use backup and restore using TWRP2.


Kernels (If you want to flash as an update)


Should be perfectly safe if used correctly, but still flash at your own risk

(If you see an error in the activity log that says cannot mount ____ simply ignore it. I accidentally have a flag for dual SD cards enabled – this won’t cause any issues, its just the non existent sd card cannot be mounted. I will turn it off next build)

Download TWRP

CWM – Flashable inside TWRP


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