How to access the engineering (Help Me!) screen on BlackBerry 10(z10 or Q10)

Today let me told bbers how to access the bb10 engineering (help me) mode.
The new method uses URL schemes so, in order to get things started you’ll need to open your web browser and visit: escreen:// and then tap go.

And then, u will see the window . Once loaded, visit this page and enter in the info needed, which is displayed after visiting the above URL – Device PIN, OS Version, and uptime. Duration can be set to whatever you wish from the available options. If set to 30 days, you won’t need to repeat the process for 30 days etc.(OR use the berrybox tools to get it )

Once the info is entered, a code will be generated. From there, two-finger swipe up to raise the keyboard and then input the code as shown. No new screen or box will show for the input, just enter the code. No text input box will appear, so you’re typing it blindly and it’s not case sensitive. The escreen will then change, offering you access.
Thank u CB !

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access to the engineering screen ON BB9930