BlackBerry Bold 9900 Auto-Wipe,Nuke and Loader

This will fix most of the software related problems on a 9900 for example: stuck on 75% reboot (fixed mine)

it works kinda like…cript-1445534/ except it won’t use any ‘Nal Loader’ and the full os install is done by apploader

BlackBerry Bold 9900 Auto-Loader.exe will
-Ask admin acces just to avoid dealing with file permission when deleting Vendor.xml
-Prompt to press any key when you connected your blackberry
-WIPE your device’s filesystem & installer partition
-NUKE your device including the os
-LOAD the bold 9900 system
-Remove Vendor.XML
-Run Apploader to load the full os

so make sure you have the correct os installed

this file is just a simple sfx archive which extract the files to a temp directory and then execute the script and when done remove the temp dir

if want to take a look at the script just rename .exe to .rar
Archive contents: bb9900autoloader.bat, CFP.exe, rim0x07001204.sfi

BlackBerry Bold 9900 Auto-Loader.exe

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